Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Basic policy of personal information protection

It deals with privacy policy based on "Kosai city City ordinance of privacy protection" in consideration for protection of privacy of user on the administration appropriately in our site.

About collection of personal information

We can use normal contents in our site without revealing personal information.

But, in the case of offer, report of opinion with E-mail, we ask for entry of full name, address. We perform collection of personal information of that case in range necessary to achieve the purpose.

About the use, offer of personal information and management

We do not perform the use except purpose and offer except purpose when personal information that we collected uses correspondence or application procedure to inquiry within the collection purpose that we stated clearly beforehand and gets consent of user or unless fate of laws and ordinances or the regulations establishes cases that there is in "Kosai city ordinance of privacy protection".
In addition, each section of the jurisdiction manages these personal information severely and takes hedges such as leak, loss, manipulation. We discard immediately, and personal information that was not necessary removes.