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In Kosai city, we perform quick reporting and administrative services along needs of everybody visiting site including citizen and it is easy to use for anyone and aims for plain Web site.

Site policy

Regardless of having obstacles or not and age, use environment, anyone makes Web sites that are akuseshiburu which it is easy to use.

  1. In our site top page, we classify categories of administrative information from citizen's viewpoint clearly and consider plural means including search by keyword by preparing to be easy to look for information.

  2. For person using software reading contents of Web site aloud by sound, we touch text information (alt attribute) that expressed the contents to images.

  3. We are not doing size of letter in fixed structure so that person looking at Web site changes size of letter freely.

  4. We keep contrast in color and background color of letter not to become hard to read letter.

  5. Even person using slow line of transmission rate minimizes capacity such as image or file so that the screen display does not become slow.

  6. We do not use platform dependent characters (number :①② and Foreign System Font with circle: meters) that we can display only with specific model.