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May, 2018

1st TUE

2nd WED

3rd THU
 Constitution Memorial Day

4th FRI
 Greenery Day

5th SAT
 Children's Day

6th SUN

7th MON

8th TUE

9th WED

10th THU

11th FRI

12th SAT

13th SUN

14th MON

15th TUE

Latest information (update date and time / event name)

Look at from here about event plan every year, moon performed in facilities in the city.
Araisekisyo (annual planned publication including special display of Araisekisyo)
Arai area center (we publish event in monthly Arai area center)
Hamanako brick building (we place event information with Hamanako brick building)
Public Information Kosai (we publish information for event and offer in the city)
News from city hall (we publish information for event and offer in the city)
Business (we publish event, business that City and the Board of Education support) in the name of support
City council exhibition period schedule (we publish schedule for ordinary assembly, exhibition period of extraordinary session of a local assembly)
City council Committee holding schedule
Garbage (separated collection) calendar