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Kosai city lyceum

 There are department of culture and entertainment department, and various culture, entertainment groups join Kosai city lyceum. 
Hobby and congenial people spend a significant time for pleasant interchange or technical training.
Do you not spend significant spare time together, too?

Department of culture

Tanka, haiku, senryu, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Go, rattan (father) industrial arts, playing handball, handwoven textiles, calligraphy, picture, black-and-white drawing, photograph, picture letter, literary arts

Entertainment department

Recitation of a Chinese poem, shakuhachi, koto (so) music, Taisho lyre, day dance, modern dance, dancing, people dance, folk song, poetry dance, sword poetry dance, sum drum, music, Kabuki, hand pipe fireworks, child ballet, dance, hula, chorus, karaoke, wind music, broadcast theatrical company, reading, yoga, foot pot

Inquiry Kosai city lyceum (the working youth home)
  From 9:00 to 16:00 of Monday/Wednesday/Friday
     Address 1070, Komi, Kosai-shi
  TEL & FAX 053-576-1121 


Held guidance

 *Sunday fourth in Kosai Kabuki presentation every year in June
 *Gathering October 2 of thanks of the 35th anniversary of the folk song preservation society
 *Arai district synthesis school festival from November 5 to November 6
 *Festival from October 29 to November 2 of culture
 *Festival November 20 of fall entertainment
 *Festival from February 4 to February 8 of art
 *Arai district entertainment festival March 12

Offer guidance

 *Recruitment of 2016 members
 *Sentence private school student mischief offer