Famous place, historic site

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Famous place, historic site
Famous place, historic site
 It is one of the pleasure of trip to trace historic famous place.
Kosai city which Ieyasu Tokugawa played an active part and ever wrote down the history of annexing a province. From valuable building and art, we can feel romance of the history culturally.
WaterskiingIt is famous even that Hakushu Kitahara was charmed. There is monument inscribed with a tanka poem, "sound of water is free and hears one, and there is no rare rusonohokahananimo in saying" near the main hall of a Buddhist temple. Construction valuable historically is important cultural property designation of country. In addition, we possess a lot of cultural assets. Several hundred cherry trees bloom in profusion vividly in the precincts in spring.

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384, Washizu, Kosai-shi <map http://g.co/maps/rrtq8>
The Sakichi Toyoda Memorial
WaterskiingThe Sakichi Toyoda Memorial opened in place of birth of Sakichi in October, 1988 in commemoration of birth 120 years of Toyota group founder Sakichi Toyoda. Around the birthplace of Sakichi, we display many weaving machines and articles of connection which Sakichi invented. You feel will, passion of Sakichi who made an effort and can get close to industrial development including car of Japan without remaining in invention of automatic loom.

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Address 113-2, Yamaguchi, Kosai-shi <map http://g.co/maps/5mkjw>
Marishiten (Touunji)
WaterskiingMarishiten which is famous as God of game victory. As for athlete coming for request of achievement of earnest wish. We originally collect faith as God of easy delivery, voyage, big fish, game. In days of the most important court ceremonies on fourth Sunday of February, the first market of popular garden plant is held every year.

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Address 463, Kanza, Kosai-shi <map http://g.co/maps/v2eu2>
The Mt. Utsu ruins of a castle
            The Mt. Utsu ruins of a castle     The Mt. Utsu ruins of a castle are Yamashiro traces located on hill (51 meters above sea level) which stuck out of Hamanako.
Important base of ex-Imagawa.
In December, 1568 (Eiroku 11), it is attacked by Tokugawa group and falls. It is said that Shigezane Ohara (obarashizuzane) who protected castle escaped safely to the opposite bank of Hamanako by ship. It is view point that can thoroughly enjoy beauty of Hamanako now.

Address: Iride, Kosai-shi
WaterskiingIt is founder by nichijudaiseishi in 1386 (Shitoku 3). Famous temple with a venerable history which has historical fact that Honjin of Ieyasu was put in the precincts in the case of Uduyama-castle attack of getting in and out in 1568 (Eiroku 11). We cover copper, and the main hall of a Buddhist temple of gable-and-hip roof style is said to be treasure house of cultural assets. In addition, view opens out from top and can overlook from Tateyama temple to Mount Fuji over Hamanako.

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Address 2745, Kibi, Kosai-shi <map http://g.co/maps/rx5sg>

Ochiba Pass abandoned temple trace

There is Ochiba Pass abandoned temple trace in Kosai mountain range becoming prefectural border of Shizuoka and Aichi in western Hubei, Hamana, and it is in remains which are important as Yamadera in the Heian era when the details of the precincts and building are apparent. View from Ochiba Pass abandoned temple trace is splendid and overlooks Hamanako under eyes, and actually can see the Enshu whole area including Hamamatsu city area and Gulf of Mikawa and Toyohashi, Toyo River city area in the distance.

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From village Shinsui Koen (1046, Komi, Kosai-shi) of Chiba from approximately 45 minutes on foot 80 minutes (vary according to courses.)