Tokiwamansaku Festival

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Tokiwamansaku Festival

Tokiwamansaku Festival


We hold the 20th Tokiwamansaku Festival.
In in full bloom of flower, it is the mid-April and late April.
Lighting up is performed by night on Saturday on 21st. Come by all means.


Sunday, April 22, 2018
    From 9:00 to 14:00 (rainy weather decisive action)


Kanza village center (116-1, Kanza)

▼It is approximately 1.6 kilometers from access Tenryu Hamanako railroad "Omori Station"
(because there is little number of parking lot, I would like cooperation for visit by public transport and riding alignment.)


Rice cake, amazake for free distribution with rice cake, Tokiwamansaku seedling sale,
Charity morning market
We light up by night (21st)

  Sports, culture section
  TEL 053-576-1140

The last year flowering situation (the April 24, 2017 flowering situation)

tokiwamansaku photograph

We reach full bloom on about 19th, and little person is becoming leaf.

tokiwamansaku photograph