Love LOVE walk in Shirasuka

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Love LOVE walk in Shirasuka

The 25th love LOVE walk in Shirasuka

 "Shirasukasyuku" which is the 32nd post town of fifty-three stages of the Tokaido.Love LOVE walk era picture scroll
 We can bear feature including the narrow arrangement of houses of private house and frontage with lattice door at the time even now.
 Well, do you not take a walk through former Tokaido while going round famous place, historic sites of Shirasukasyuku - The inn town of Arai of the early spring?

  • Date Sunday, March 4, 2018
  • Starting expression  :From 9:30 
  • Morning course: Course 6.2km around the Shirasuka outskirts
    • 10:00 departure (8:45 acceptance)
  • Afternoon course: Course 6.3km from Shirasuka to Araisekisyo
    • 12:30 departure (11:45 acceptance)
  • Structure improvement center in southern meeting place (5128, Shirasuka)
  • Access
    • Car: We prepare parking lot for Shirasuka elementary school athletic ground
    • Train: There is pick-up bus from JR Araimachi Station, Washizu Station (at Washizu Station 8:30, at Araimachi Station 8:40)
    • Course participant come to direct venue in the afternoon. (parking lot of the afternoon is Shirasuka elementary school athletic ground, too.)
  • Belonging lunch, water bottle, health insurance card
  • Entrance fee 500 yen
  • Others
    • In course, "Edo era picture scroll" by local primary schoolchild leads in the morning.
    • There is service of souvenir and shellfish stew, oshiruko, showamochi in connection with Shirasuka, Arai!
    • We can enter Araisekisyo historical materials building, Kinokuniya museum free. (only on the day effective)
  • Application method
    • You specify zip code, address, full name, sex, age, phone number, e-mail address, participation course, transportation, and apply by postcard or FAX, E-mail.
    • Offer deadline Friday, February 23, 2018 ※On the day participation is possible

 ※For more details, please refer to flyer of from here.CHECK

 Application, reference  

  The "love LOVE walk in Shirasuka" executive committee secretariat (sports, culture inside of a section)
   〒The first floor of the 431-0431 1293-4, Washizu, Kosai-shi, Shizuoka social movement center
    TEL: 053-576-1140
             FAX: 053-576-1237

By rainy weather in the case of cancellation

 Toward the city: We will tell in Broadcast Radio at 7:30 a.m.
 Toward the suburbs: We publish in Kosai city HP and will tell to e-mail address that had you list at the time of application.