Kosai city Board of Education brochure

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Kosai city Board of Education brochure
 In Kosai city Board of Education, we make cultural assets and brochure in conjunction with famous place, historic site.
 We distribute in public facilities in Kosai city, and brochure is available for downloading from the following, too.
 When you want much number of copies, please contact sports, culture section.

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    1 We visit the ground related to Sakichi Toyoda
Walk map
 Walking map to take a walk through the great man Sakichi Toyoda ground related to old man of native district and neighboring famous places.   Vertical 135 X 72 millimeters in width
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2 Great man Sakichi Toyoda old man whom we gave birth to of Kosai


We were from current Yamaguchi, Kosai-shi and were commented on world invention king, Sakichi Toyoda.
Chronological table and chart introduce achievement, anecdote of Sakichi old man.
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3 The origin of manufacturing
Kosai ruins of a kiln group

Ruins of a kiln

We commented on old burial mound, the Nara era, ruins of a kiln of the Kamakura era to remain in Kosai city. It is with photograph and introduces earthen vessel and earthenware excavated from each place. B4, folding expression

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4 Tokiwamansaku and Kanza old burial mound group

Tokiwamansaku and Kanza old burial mound group 

We commented on Kanza old burial mound group located Shizuoka designation natural monument Tokiwamansaku which grew in colonies in Kanza, Kosai-shi (kanza) and the west. Neighboring maps are published, too and can inflect when they take a walk. A4, folding expression

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5 Ochiba Pass abandoned temple trace and Toyo River way

Toyo River way 

We introduce Ochiba Pass abandoned temple trace which is country designated historic spot and Toyo River way where people of Ochiba district ever visited Toyokawainari. Toyo River way can enjoy hiking while feeling the history. B4, folding expression

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6 Ochiba Pass abandoned temple

Abandoned temple 

As for the documents such as ancient documents, there does not remain, and country designated historic spot Ochiba Pass abandoned temple in mountains of Kosai mountain range becoming prefectural border of Shizuoka and Aichi is fantastic mountains temple. We easily introduce a part of the findings. A4

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7 Arai Seki trace, Kinokuniya, onyado


It is with map and introduces setting saretaonyado Shirasuka in commemoration of Arai Seki trace which is historic spot particularly of country, The inn town of Arai trip basket Kinokuniya museum and Tokaido post town establishment 400 years of City designation tangible cultural property. A4

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8 Shirasukasyuku history base facility
onyado Shirasuka


We memorialized Tokaido post town establishment 400 years and spread the history, culture of Shirasukasyuku, and onyado Shirasuka was installed to plan preservation, inflection of document. Map of historic spot left in summary and Shirasuka of the display is published. A4, folding expression

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9 Shirasukasyuku walk map

Shirasuka map 

Map which can conjugate when we take a walk through left Shirasukasyuku of famous place, historic site now. Commentary of famous place is included in the back side. A4

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10 Prefecture, City designation horseback archery Shinto ritual in Kosai city

Horseback archery 

We introduce appointed horseback archery Shinto ritual to prefecture and immaterial folk cultural assets of City.
(1)Woman River Hachiman shrine (Shinjo)
(2)Atsuta Ichinomiya Shrine (Yoshimi)
(3)Komi Yahata Shrine (Komi)
(4)Ninomiya Shrine (Nakanogo)
(5)Yahata Suwa-jinja (washizu)
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11 Kosai city cultural assets guidance map

Cultural assets map 

We introduce designated cultural assets of country and prefecture, City. As plan of cultural assets is published, please use when you take a walk. A2, folding expression

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12  Araisekisyo which revives

Araisekisyo which revives 

 It is with photograph and, about big gate of the Imperial Palace restored to the original state by Araisekisyo, introduces historical materials or illustrated map which we referred to.
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Literature promenade of Furusato
     Literature monument leaflet
 We introduce literature monument in Kosai city. As plan of literature monument is published, please use for walks.  B4, folding expression
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Kosai that white autumn loved
     White autumn leaflet
 We introduce relations of Hakushu Kitahara and Kosai that played an active part widely such as poetry, tanka, folk song over Meiji, the Taisho era, Showa.  B4, folding expression
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