The Kosai civic center governing board

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The Kosai civic center governing board

25.The Kosai civic center governing board
Laws and ordinances to become grounds
・The Kosai civic center regulations (the July 24, 1973 regulations 30th)
・Kosai civic center governing board rule (September 24, 1973 rule 21st)
Purpose of setting
We establish necessary matter about setting of civic center and use to plan improvement of citizen's culture, and to increase the welfare
Role of meeting
We investigate necessary matter about administration of hall and, depending on question of the mayor, discuss
The number of committees
Less than eight people
Term of committee
Two years
Appointment of committee
The mayor entrusts
Condition of committee
Person having knowledge experience
Election such as chairpersons Chairperson assumes mutual election of committee
Holding of meeting Chairperson calls
Public / secrecy
About hearing
・Person that hearing is hoped for finishes acceptance before the opening of a meeting time, and please enter a room
・Please obey Notification about hearing
We refer to ".pdf for hearing method of Kosai Civic Center governing board meeting and Notification"
Exhibition of minutes
・We released the minutes on Board of Education website
・It is released about summary of discussion contents
Section to have jurisdiction over
Kosai city Board of Education culture section

 ☆2014 <the minutes>

   The first minutes May, 2014. pdf
   ◆The second minutes December, 2014. pdf
   The first minutes June, 2015. pdf